3000 Avios for BA Amex supplementary card and English sparkling wine in BA First

British Airways First wineLONDON, UK: British Airways will be serving English Sparkling wine in First from February 1, 2017 (Photo by: Nick Morrish/British Airways)

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British Airways American Express offer*

If you already have a BA Premium Plus American Express card, it may be time to geBA american expresst a supplementary card for your partner. American Express are offering a 3000 Avios bonus to anyone who recommends someone as a supplementary card holder. You are apparently entitled to up to 99 complimentary supplementary cards. I am not sure I know 99 people I would trust with my credit card account! However, you only get the 3000 Avios for the first supplementary card. A supplementary card means you are solely responsible for the account.

You will need to apply by 11.59pm on 31 March 2017 to get the bonus. The bonus only applies if the supplementary card is approved. Even if you and your partner already have separate BA Amex accounts, it could be worth applying for the supplementary cards to get the bonus. The other advantage is that when there is a statement credit offer such as Hilton, it applies to each card so you can save twice. (or 4 times if you each have your own account!). The application page is here.

If you have the standard fee free BA Amex version you can still get a bonus of 1000 Avios for a supplementary card. Thanks to reader grammer for the information.


British Airways First wine

(Photo by: Nick Morrish/British Airways)

British Airways English sparkling wine in First

British Airways is set to add another English sparkling wine to their First menu this month. They previously had served Balfour Brut Rosé in First. The airline will be listing Bolney Wine Estate’s Vintage Blanc de Blancs as their guest Sparkling Wine in First for six months. This is a 100% Chardonnay vintage wine from West Sussex and is made in the traditional method with 2 and a half years lees ageing for added depth of flavour. The Blanc de Blancs has won a number of awards including a Silver Decanter award and Gold Outstanding in the International Wine and Spirits Competition.

The English Sparkling Wine will join Laurent Perrier Grande Siecle and Jacquart Mosaique Rose NV on the Champagne and Sparkling Wine menu. You can find more information about Bolney wines on their website.


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6 Comments on "3000 Avios for BA Amex supplementary card and English sparkling wine in BA First"

  1. I think the 3000 bonus only applies the BA premium card….1000 for the regular free card

    • Thanks grammer. I probably was just sent the 3000 one as I have the premium card. I have amended the post.

  2. Where does it say about the bonus Avios on the webpage? I can only see the application, it doesn’t talk about extra Avios.

    • The link is for the page that the email offer leads to. If you haven’t had the email I would ring Amex just to check that you are eligible. There is nothing listed in the t&cs for the premium plus card that suggests it is targeted or there is any criteria to qualify. However I would double check if you have the free card or didn’t receive the email.

  3. I think that English sparkling is already being served in First. Not too bad but not a patch on the Laurent Perrier

    • They have been serving a rose sparkling by Balfour previously. I love the LP too. However next time I’m in First I will have to try the new one as well for research purposes!

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