A bit of humour for Friday – new British Airways Comic Relief safety video

BA safety video

Much as I enjoyed the last BA safety video the first couple of times I saw it, it was definitely beginning to grate on me after the 30th time so I am glad to announce that a new one will be on board shortly. It had got so bad before that every time the crew did a manual demonstration I could still hear the video in my head “Taking nothing with you (and I mean NOTHING – not even your duty-free goods darling) etc! However, it was all in a good cause as BA saw a 20% increase in donations to Comic Relief after the release of the first safety video.

Ba safety video

David Walliams

The new video follows a similar format with the aim to promote BA’s charity Flying start. This is the global charity partnership between British Airways and Comic Relief which has supported over half a million children across the UK and some of the world’s poorest communities since launching in 2010. In the new video, seven celebrities are seen ‘auditioning’ for a safety video whilst also giving important safety messages. Comedian Asim Chaudhry plays the Director as his character Chabuddy G , who attempts to direct them.

You can watch the director’s cut from the new safety video on YouTube:

The new film builds on the success of the first instalment, which featured Gordon Ramsay, Sir Ian McKellen and Thandie Newton, and has been seen by customers nearly 25 million times (it feels like it!). The new film features:

  • Chabuddy G (Asim Chaudhry)
  • David Walliams
  • Joanna Lumley
  • Jourdan Dunn
  • Sir Michael Caine
  • Naomie Harris
  • Olivia Colman

The video will first roll out across short-haul during July, then will roll out across long-haul from August 1. The actual safety video that will shown on board can be seen on BA’s website here. 


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  1. Quite amusing… I loved the Thomson safety video with the children, too, but they all start to grate/ bore after a while

  2. Quite amusing. Next flights on the 8th July. I look forward to getting bored of it very soon

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