BA Gatwick South new Club lounge review

BA new club lounge gatwick south

This is a review of the new BA Club lounge at Gatwick South Terminal for British Airways and oneworld passengers which opened in February 2017.

Check in

At 10.45am on a Tuesday, check in was very quiet. Apart from someone trying to steer me into the Club check in (obviously I didn’t look like I was a Gold card holder!) it was a seamless experience. There were 2 check in staff waiting to serve me and I was in and out in less than 3 minutes. The friendly agent invited me to enjoy their new lounge. BA seemed to be on their best behaviour with lots of staff around the check in area to help people. The agent who had originally steered me to Club checked that I had actually managed to check in OK as I had been so quick!

BA Gatwick South new lounge review

Walkway to lounge

I then went up to premium security where there was no queue and again I was through within a couple of minutes. There is a short cut to the lounges just as you come out of premium security to the left. I choose to go the long way round through duty-free but it was well signposted once you entered the main departure lounge. You can access the lounge between JD Sports and Dixons.


The lounge

The lounge was modern and stylish and certainly a lot bigger than the previous Club lounge. There were 2 levels with the mezzanine being up a spiral staircase. The whole area was divided into lots of smaller areas which I liked and there were even dining booths which reminded me of a first class lounge.

BA new club lounge gatwick south BA new club lounge gatwick south BA new club lounge gatwick south

Food and drink


I was only in the Club lounge at breakfast but most of it was standard BA Club fare. There were pastries, bread, fruit, yoghurt and cereal. There did not seem to be any bacon rolls but this could have been as it was quite late or also due to the fact the lounge was still in a ‘soft opening phase’. EDIT: Having returned since they do now have bacon or egg and cheese rolls as per the Heathrow lounges.

BA new club lounge gatwick south

BA new club lounge gatwick south


There were the usual coffee machines and selection of Twinings tea. Champagne is available on request as before. Soft drinks were in the fridges and the standard Highland Spring water in big bottles was also available.

BA south lounge gatwick

There were 4 red and 3 white wines to choose from but overall they seemed pretty low quality to me. Chilean Chardonnay and  Pinot Grigio were 2 of the whites on offer. Interestingly most of the First Lounge ones were exactly the same which I thought odd. Although it is a while since I have travelled from Gatwick, certainly on previous visits there had been a better selection of higher quality wine.

BA new club lounge gatwick south

Red wine selection


Spirits were varied with 2 types of Gin including Bombay Sapphire and 3 types of Vodka. There was even Pimms which I thought was a nice touch.

BA new club lounge gatwick south

BA new club lounge gatwick south

Bar area

Business area

There was a business area with a printer, PCs and worktops with charging facility if you needed to do any work. It wasn’t the nicest area to sit in as there was no natural light but it served a purpose.

BA new club lounge gatwick south

Toilets and showers

BA South lounge gatwick review












The toilets were still out of action so I was pointed towards the showers instead. There were a small number of showers but no one waiting. I was impressed with the showers and they were certainly better than those at T5 that have an NHS air about them! The rooms had a hairdryer, Elemis toiletries and a shaver socket.

BA new club lounge gatwick south



Overall I thought the lounge was a vast improvement on the old North lounges and much more spacious. Food seemed about the same but the selection of drinks seemed better even if the wine was a bit down-market. You can read about the new Club Europe catering in my Club Europe review here.

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  1. I guess some people are just hard to please!!

    • I like to get my value for money! Hopefully I am fairly balanced in my reviews. It’s always hard not to compare something to the competition as the Virgin lounges are amazing. Overall it is a really nice lounge and definately better than the previous one.

  2. Interesting read but for us Virgin Lounges have the edge and if at all possible who we travel with. BA should take note and I’m sure improve their offerings.

    • Thanks pm. I don’t disagree although I haven’t tried the Virgin Gatwick lounge. The Heathrow Clubhouse is one of my favourite lounges anywahere and certainly the best business class lounge in the UK. Lots of reviews of other flights and lounges on the website under reviews tab if you want some more inspiration!

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