British Airways Gold Executive Club for around £2000 in one hit (almost!)

BA Executive club avios

This article first appeared in December last year. Now that the Sri Lankan fare has reappeared, I thought it was worth updating Paul’s article with the current prices and details. 

Sri Lankan currently have a sale on for business class from all departure points except London offering up to 40% off. You can find the relevant sale page here. 

We get told by readers of success hitting Silver and even Gold, but what about doing it in one hit cheaply?  Interested?  Keep reading.

Thanks to some very, very good sale pricing from Sri Lankan and a good fare from BA you can construct some excellent Tier Point runs around Asia.

How about 1400 Tier Points in one trip for £1781?  That’s an amazing exUK price per point of £1.27/TP.  Yes, I am aware Gold needs 1500 points so at the end I’ll give some ideas for around the last hundred.

If you are not sure if Gold is worth it for you have a read of this article which explains the benefits of the different tiers.

Let’s start putting this together then.

The “Main Fare” starts in Inverness, so unless you are local you will need to position there.  Inverness is a very small airport which makes doing a “Back-to-Back” very easy.

What is a back to back?  Well put simply, you get off the plane and get back on the same one.  At Inverness, you will walk off the plane into the terminal, straight into the security queue and voila – back in departures waiting to board the plane, in likely the same seat! You can read more about back to backs in this article.

Security at Inverness – yes I still made the flight home!

So in my examples below you will be doing two back to backs, at each end of the trip.  Thankfully at the start, there is a nice overnight at Heathrow, allowing you if local to LHR to head home before the main trip! If you wanted you could overnight at Inverness instead although the choice of hotels near the airport is limited and expensive. The Holiday Inn Express is easy to reach via public transport. There is also a Premier Inn nearby.

The following dates and flights are just suggestions – you can make up your own itinerary within the rules allowed. Remember you can always add a stopover of fewer than 24 hours for free.


The Positioning Ticket (Ticket 1)

This is a straight point to point BA fare to Inverness.  The ITA fare above is actually incorrect and can be bought on for £257. It can also be reduced in price by using Avios. This will net you 80 tier points total for the flights.

 A BA Flight at Inverness Airport


The “Main” Fare (Ticket 2)



This is a very good value Premium Economy fare from Inverness to Abu Dhabi via Heathrow which will get you 200 TPs.  Again cost can be reduced on BA with Avios. You could also look at upgrading with Avios if you fancied Club instead.

Restrictions are currently –

  • Book by: on/before 28 Aug 19.
  • Travel: 11 Aug 19- 30 Sep 19 on the first international sector.
  • Outbound – Permitted Sun Through Thu on the first international sector.
  • Inbound – Permitted Mon Through Thu on the first international sector.
  • Non-refundable
  • Changeable for a fee

From October onwards the fare rises by around £100. The fare is available on but only on certain flights. Expedia has the fare on a wider selection of flights but if things go wrong with lots of connections it is much harder to rectify if you are using an online travel agent.


Tier Point Run 1 (Ticket 3)


A very good value 560TP run to Jakarta on Sri Lanka – I must stress that this is currently not on lie-flat planes.  You will get full business class service, however.

Current restrictions are –

  • Travel dates: Travel is not permitted 5 Dec 19 through 15 Jan 20 for the departure of the first international sector.
  • Book by: Tickets must be issued on/before 26 July 19.


Tier Point Run 2 (Ticket 4)


The same run as above, the following days!



Now as with most complex Tier Point runs this one will require overnights to prevent doing “dangerous” back to backs where the connection with security is too much of a risk. Remember you must keep the stopover to less than 24 hours to avoid extra charges.

So here are TLFL’s recommendations for each location –

Abu Dhabi

Shangri-La Qaryat al Beri, Abu Dhabi reviewShangri-La Qaryat al Beri, 

Shangri-La Qaryat Al Beri: I love this hotel and you can read my review here. If you book through our new travel partner Propeller on you would get additional benefits on your stay such as:

  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
  • Daily Buffet breakfast, for up to two in room guests
  • Complimentary one-way car transfer from the airport to the hotel
  • $100 USD equivalent Spa Services credit to utilize during stay
  • Early check-in/late check-out, subject to availability
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • With minimum 4-night stay receive Round trip transfer

You book via the special TLFL Propeller page here.


Four Seasons Jakarta

Hotels are generally very cheap so you can afford to splash out a bit. The closest one to the airport that is decent is the Bandara International Hotel which is part of Accor hotels. I have stayed there and thought it was fine if a little worn for being close to the airport with a free shuttle to the airport.

If you want to splash out a bit more there is the Four Seasons hotel which can also be booked through Propeller travel for additional benefits on your stay.


Extending the trip

It is possible on these fares to split the time, even more, to allow a few days in Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka and around Indonesia – so perfect for a little Asian jolly!  Have a play with the dates and trips in ITA Matrix and if needed check my articles here for more info. and part 2.

The last 100 TPs!

Well, 100 is an awkward number to gain in terms of tier points.  A Club Europe return will get you 80, unless its one of the longer ones for 160.

Here are a few suggestions –

80 Points 

  • Amsterdam – £185
  • Dublin – £177
  • Manchester – £188
  • Luxembourg – £166
  • Venice/Rome £150/£157

160 Points

  • Helsinki – £247
  • Malta – £301
  • Catania – £266
  • Sofia £235
  • Tirana £243


These fares are all available from British Airways here or you can see if you can get a cheaper deal online with Skyscanner.

Catania is a good starting point for a short break. You can read our guide to a Catania tier point break and the airport here.

There you go. 1560 Tier Points for around £2000. Enjoy!

29 Comments on "British Airways Gold Executive Club for around £2000 in one hit (almost!)"

  1. Richard Harris | 27 December 2018 at 7:42 am | Reply

    For the extra 100 TP needed

    Gatwick to Barcelona on skyscanner
    Out Iberia via Madrid
    Return direct with BA


  2. Im falling at the first hurdle? trying to price up the flight from inverness to abu dhabi and the price is now showing as £1521?

    • What dates? If you are using matrix be sure to add “f bc=t” to the advanced routing codes as per the ITA guide, else you can find dates easily using Google flights.

  3. same dates as per your article

  4. Thanks – another question, do you need to take the last leg, i.e. from LHR to INV. We are based in London so it would be pointless travelling up to INV if we didnt need to….

    • You “should” always fly the whole ticket.

      • Hi Paul

        Re: the back-to-back/overnighting issue … If you were travelling HB only, do you think it would then be possible to do back-to-back at AUH rather than needing to stay overnight? i.e. having done CMB-AUH, get off the plane and then just head through transfers and so board it straight back for AUH-CMB again? Is that possible at AUH? (presumably it is same UL metal being used? I see it is one hour between flights.)
        Also, I see the UL tickets need to be booked by 10/01 … but in your experience, do you know how restrictive these business fares are? Can they be cancelled and/or changed — any fees involved?


        • Guy, changes and cancellations will likely be cost prohibitive. As to a B2B at AUH – I don’t know anyone to have tried it…yet….

          • Ok thanks Paul for this advice, much appreciated. I thought that might be the case, re: change/cancel costs. Better make sure I could do the dates then!

            Re: AUH B2B … interested in yours and Michele’s opinions on if in theory it could be possible, based on your past experiences of AUH (including maybe doing transfers there) ?

            Thanks again


          • Hi Guy. You don’t need a transit visa for stays of less than 4 hours at the airport.There is a trasit desk that you head to. I haven’t done a connection at AUH for a long time so I honestly couldn’t say if its possible.

  5. I need to go to Seattle in February next year the day after my BA year starts. Any ideas on an interesting TP run?

  6. I’m looking for a decent business class flights for 2 people anywhere nice! flexible with dates but would like 2-3 weeks over the Easter period… any ideas? Is there a trick on how to best search given the flexibility that we have (on location and dates!).

  7. Is the 1400 Tier Points in one trip for £1770 in business class or a back breaking horrific experience surrounded by poor people ?

  8. Will have to see if any of these price up competitively on Amex Travel website, have the £200 off a £600 spend – which unless you’re careful just brings their inflated prices down to around everyone else’s !!!

  9. Would love a couple of days in AUH but a week or so in Sri Lanka and an add on from CGK to Bali for a week or so too.
    Need to check out weather and date options here.
    Can see me doing this to top up. Won’t need quite so many AUH-CMB-CGK sectors !

    Although……GGL 😉

  10. Ah, business class thankfully but not lie flat AUH-CMB-CGK rtn.

  11. I flew DXB-CMB-CGK and back last year and found the UL seats perfectly comfortable. Jakarta itself is a bit rough and ready, but definitely worth a couple of nights. My top tip would be to stay somewhere near Sudirman Baru train station (there are a couple of Holiday Inn Express properties within a few minutes walk) and take the modern air-conditioned airport train – SERIOUSLY better than spending hours in the notorious jams !!

  12. why not just do AUH – CGK return x 3 with a direct eco flight from london or manchester – gets you 1680 tier points !

  13. Google Flights came up with an interesting route when I went from DUB to SEA

    DUB > PHL > CLT > SEA
    SEA > JFK > PHL > DUB

    Across the Atlantic in PE and Economy in the US. I’m guessing around 260 TPs including positioning flight to/from DUB. The good thing about that is clearing customs in DUB. One of the legs has a 68 min layover, I’m thinking that isn’t enough time, I did a 2hr JFK change but that included customs.

    Any views on connecting flights within the US?

  14. Just to add onto my last comment, found a much simpler route, DUB > LHR > SEA, ok so 20 odd TP less and £50 more, but a lot less stress and pain, just the DUB positioning flight needed.

  15. ClaytonTheCruton | 25 July 2019 at 6:35 am | Reply

    BA spend for 2019 currently sits at £12.6k ( including forward bookings for the rest of the year already in place) we will comfortably maintain silver but only that, not even close to Gold. I love my lady but it frustrates me to the highest degree she can’t just do TPR’s. If we could drop just a couple of the, admittedly very nice, holidays at the other end then for the budget we spend we’d be Gold so easily!

    This article is brilliant and makes it so easy but i’ve reached the point I know the futility of even showing it to her – ughhh

  16. Can i book it but i dont fly.what will happen.i know is gona be cancelld but can i still get the tiers ?

  17. Book INV-AUH-LHR and it’s quite a bit cheaper – just £406. You lose a few tier points but TP/£ goes down even more

  18. OT Air China is doing a return trip to Hanoi from LHR for £1300 in J.. found tix for end of Jan. Stopver in Beijing

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