Etihad business class sale from £1516

Etihad business class saleEtihad business class studio

Etihad have launched a new sale which does have some reasonable prices out of the UK and ex EU. The fares are not as cheap as an ex EU Qatar sale fare, but Etihad do have a great on board product. You can read more about Etihad’s business class in this article.

Sale Dates: 24th – 31st July 2017
Travel Dates: 14th August 2017 – 30th May 2018

Etihad business class studio

From the UK

Minimum and maximum stay:
3 days / 6 months

  • Ho Chi Minh City – Business from £ 2026
  • Kuala Lumpur – Business from £ 1797
  • Sydney – Business from £ 2825
  • Abu Dhabi – Business from £ 2283
  • Bangkok – Business from £ 1801
  • Manila – Business from £ 1994
  • Melbourne – Business from £ 2824
  • Mumbai – Business from £ 1834

The UK sale page is here.


The best fares seem to be from Amsterdam on ex EU, but it is always worth checking against other countries if you have a specific destination in mind. Italy is also one of the other cheaper starting points.

Minimum and maximum stay:
3 days / 1 month

  • Ho Chi Minh City – Business from £ 1606
  • Kuala Lumpur – Business from £ 1784
  • Abu Dhabi – Business from £1695
  • Bangkok – Business from £ 1516
  • Colombo – Business from £ 1874
  • Jakarta – Business from £ 1516

The Dutch sale page is here.


Etihad business class review

The Lobby on board bar on Etihad’s A380

Collecting miles

Although you can’t earn Avios, there are plenty of choices for crediting the miles you earn.

First of all you could do a straight credit to Etihad. They allow you to use money to top up once you get to 75% of the needed miles so you may be able to use the miles from this trip for a shorter Etihad trip plus you could always get the Etihad credit card or an Amex Gold or Platinum. If you get someone to refer you then you will get 35000 membership rewards with the Platinum or 25000 with the Gold card. You could use this to top up at a transfer rate of 1:1.

If you are more likely to fly Oneworld, Star Alliance or Skyteam then there are options within each. None include Avios but you would still be able to use them on BA if you credited to Malaysian, Air Berlin or AA. For Star Alliance you could join Air New Zealand or ANA. Finally for Skyteam you could join Korean.


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