BA Club Europe new catering – what food and drink to expect

BA Club Europe foodTomato and mozzarella salad starter

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At the end of March 2017, BA introduced new catering on its Club Europe routes. There were winners and losers with the best improvements on the longer routes. Although BA has promosed to review this new catering, nothing has substantially changed since its introduction. I have now sampled most of the meals on board with the exception of afternoon tea and the very short route breakfast. This guide will give plenty of examples of the types of meals you can expect to get on your BA flight. They tend to rotate a set of meals on a monthly basis, so the chances are these meals will come up again.

What can you expect on your Club Europe flight?

The food you were given before was determined by what ‘band’  (1-4 ) your flight fell into. This broadly correlated to the length of flight. BA has used the catering changes to alter this arrangement into new categories. London City food is normally better than the meals listed below and can often include hot meals rather than salad. The categories will now be as follows:

Very Short- Leeds Bradford, Manchester and Jersey

Breakfast: hot bacon roll, fruit and yoghurt for breakfast (Jersey gets the hot breakfast as per short)

From 0930: a cold plate  (09.30+ departures). This is currently a continental brunch type plate with meat, cheese and egg but no salad.

Short and Medium

Short includes all other domestics, Biarritz, Billund, Paris, Friedrichshafen, Grenoble, Amsterdam, Basel, Dublin, Brussels, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt, Zürich, Geneva, Genoa, Lyon, Luxembourg, Nantes, Montpellier, Stuttgart, Toulouse and Bordeaux.

Medium includes Oslo, Barcelona, Bergen, Bilbao, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Limoges, Mahon, Marseilles, Prague, Pisa, Pula, Innsbruck, Nice, Vienna, Zagreb, Porto, Madrid, Palma, Milan, Pisa, Bologna, Stavanger, Venice, Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Verona.

These routes receive:

Breakfast (to 09.29) – hot breakfast including a vegetarian choice with yoghurt or Bircher muesli (no fruit plate). You will also get offered a bread basket including warm croissants

June 17 – Breakfast vegetarian choice – frittata with a cream chive sauce – very tasty


July 17 – Vegetarian omelette with spinach and tomato plus a yoghurt parfait


Full English – not recommended, a bit watery and greasy

Brunch (09.30 – 10.59) – a large hot sandwich (currently beef, cheese and chilli from/to LHR) or a cold plate as per very short
Lunch (11.00 – 13.59) – salad (currently ex LHR a breaded chicken salad with potato salad) or a large hot sandwich as per brunch plus bread basket and a dessert.

July 17 – Hot ciabatta and lemon tart


The inside of the beef, cheese and chilli hot ciabatta – not recommended



April 17 – Salmon salad and Black Forest dessert on Dublin to London City – very tasty


Club Europe food and drink new catering

August 17 – Duck salad with celeriac remoulade and tropical cheesecake – both good

Afternoon tea (14.00 – 16.59) – 3 cold finger sandwiches or a ploughman’s salad (meat, scotch egg and cheese selection with bloomer bread) with cake.  Scones have been removed

Dinner (17.00+) – as per lunch

For the Medium routes, there will be nuts and a bar round before lunch and dinner. Wine and champagne are served from full-size bottles.

Long routes

My solution to small glasses on board – take your own with Govino

‘Long’ is everywhere else including Alicante, Athens, Malaga, Helsinki, Dubrovnik, Malta, Gibraltar, Faro, Lisbon, Ibiza, Rome, Budapest, Tallin, Warsaw, Krakow and Stockholm.

Breakfast (departures up to 09.29) – a hot breakfast including yoghurt and an additional Danish pastry (no fruit plate)

Rest of the Day – appetiser, two choices of hot main course plus dessert and cheese plate.

There should be a drinks round before the meal with a packet of mixed nuts. Wine and champagne are served from full size bottles. 2 red wines and 2 white should be offered, usually they are Spanish and poor quality. There will also be a choice of 2 gins, Tanqueray and Gordon’s. Unfortunately the  wine glasses are small and if you get a busy flight or a bad crew you may not get much to drink! You could do what I now do and take your own glass. I recommend the Govino stemless flute champagne glasses .

Menus will be given out prior to service. You will get a tray with your starter, dessert and cheese and biscuits on. The main course will be served separately with a choice of 2 options.  On the longer of the Long routes, drinks will be offered with tea and coffee.

Tray with starter, dessert and cheese


Main course – chicken in creamy sauce, delicious!


Main course curry


Smoked duck starter


BA Club Europe food

Long route menu – in this case it was wrong!


Drinks choice on long routes


Lunch/dinner main course, cheese ravioli with tomato sauce


BA Club Europe catering review

Full size bottles of wine and champagne – a choice of 2 red and 2 white. These are usually Spanish and not great plus a bit warm!

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