Is this the best First Class? Qatar Airways First Class A380 Review London to Doha

qatar first class cabinqatar first class cabin

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Well firstly – hello!  I’m back!  Work, COVID-19 etc have kept me very busy, but I’m still (or was!) travelling harder than ever!  I hope you are all keeping safe.

Anyway…blah blah blah!  Let’s get on with the show.  The title is a big claim, but is it click bait?  Or does it have substance?  Read on to find out.


Qatar First isn’t something people usually book.  Because it’s generally horrendously expensive.  The two ways to book it “reasonably” are – 

  • Avios
  • Wait for a BA mess up and ask to be moved onto it.

Coronavirus actually did me a favour.  I was booked to Shanghai in First but managed to sweet talk a BA agent into moving that flight to Bangkok on Qatar.  As I was booked into First they were happy to book the London – Doha legs into First.

Here’s a little tip for the Avios rich among you – 

Don’t ask questions.  Just go and book it.  Trust me you won’t regret it.

First class is normally only available on the following routes:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Frankfurt
  • Paris
  • London


Check-in, Lounge and Boarding

Qatar London Heathrow T4 Premium lounge business first class review

The Brasserie in Qatar’s London lounge T4

The usual, it was terminal 4 and it was all fine and orderly. It has all been covered by Michele in some recent reviews. Read more about it all here.


The Seat

I have to say this off the bat.  The cabin is beautiful.  Very understated.  And so different to the BLING of Emirates First. Seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 layout with 8 seats.

The seat is so big and comfy.  No, it might not be the most private, but frankly, I don’t care!

Now I must apologise for the lack of detail in this review – one word.  Krug.

So the seat controls – 

The controls were intuitive and worked well for adjustments and the privacy screen – 

The IFE screen was vast and crisp in front of me and there was a control next to me – yes it’s a long way to reach!


Now I’m not someone that overly fusses about this stuff, but I have it on good word that its all decent stuff! (note: this is very similar to what you get in business class with the added night cream)

The Monte Vibiano kit includes – 

  • Lip Balm
  • Night Cream
  • Face Mist
  • Body Moisturiser

But then the flight attendant came over and asked if I’d like a drink….


Food and Drink

Heaven?  It might as well have been!

Sorry, I’ll stop drooling… and the rest of the menu?  Sadly this was a breakfast flight but stay tuned for a few pics of the way home!


Other Drinks


Did I mention the Krug?  It just kept coming…

Now here’s the thing.  Is a breakfast flight the best show of a first class product?  Probably not.  Was the food amazing? No.  But it was good. In fact better than good.

I went for the full works and didn’t regret it.

Firstly the HUGE table was set – 

And then came the sumptuous feast!

After all that I thought I would go and freshen up in the toilet…

The Rest

This has to be one of the biggest loos on a plane I have ever seen!  And I loved the finish.

And let’s not forget that stunning bar on the A380!  God, I will miss that when they disappear!

And least not I forget the crew.  They were all superb.  Some of the best I have ever flown with.  On any airline in any cabin.  Not robotic.  Just perfect.


Yes, I loved it.  

Maybe it was the Krug?  Maybe it was the seat?  Maybe the crew? The bar? I tell you what.  Just go book it and find out please! 

There is LOADS of availability from Frankfurt.  Then come back when you come off with a massive grin on your face.  You’re welcome!

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7 Comments on "Is this the best First Class? Qatar Airways First Class A380 Review London to Doha"

  1. flylikelinz | 19 April 2020 at 11:41 am |

    i think the only issue is there isn’t enough to distinguish the soft product between J and F other than the Krug. The food is the same, the amenity kit contents are the same. i’d probably pick EY over QR for F on the A380 any day of the week. but would happily accept an opup on QR 🙂

  2. Agree. The problem QR has is that their J class is SO good there isn’t enough of a difference to warrant the extra ££$$ in my opinion anyway.

    The soft product demonstrates this. The menu looks essentially exactly the same as Business. The table set up very similar. The fruit is plated up exactly the same in business. Espresso based drinks available in both cabins. Dine on demand in both cabins. Even the amenity kit.

    Compare this to say BA – Food in business served on a tray with a pre plated main course in Business versus individually served course by course and plated in the galley in First. A far more extensive menu choice in F versus J. Espresso based drinks in F only. Dine on demand in F only.

    This is in no way to defend BA F as a great product – IMHO it’s only marginally better than QR J – but just to demonstrate I don’t think QR F is worth the money or the Avios.

  3. We really like the QR First cabin and service, while some of the product is similar to business, the overall space is to be appreciated. Its just with any product we purchase, if we are happy to pay, then it’s totally worth the money. It will be a shame as and when the A380s stop flying, as they go to our regular destinations.

  4. I’ve flown this on about 8 sectors, upgrading using QMiles or QCredits. I love it.
    I don’t pay for F, can’t afford it 🙂 , and find their J class more than adequate ( and light years ahead of BA).

    You have such an open, airy feeling in that F cabin.

  5. Berecz Ádám | 19 April 2020 at 8:30 pm |

    Even their own business class product Qsuite is better than their First class! Not worth a single dollar difference( only the lounge is better). Best First class is definetelly Singapore, Etihad and Emirates!

  6. For this product there shouldn’t be so many ‘negatives’. I’ll settle for F on Emirates 380 anytime.

  7. This is a pretty poor quality review which is disappointing. I get that you were indulged in Krug but is that really an excuse for a poor quality review that tells you little over what benefit there is to first class compared to their fabulous business product.

    First time I have been disappointed by a review on this normally superb website.

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