NEWS: More B787 engine troubles, BA Qatar joint venture – what does it mean? and Lufthansa Business Plus?

Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engine for B787s problemsRolls Royce Trent 1000 engine for B787s

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More Trent 1000 engine trouble – more BA B787 aircraft swaps?

The original B787-9s have already had issues with their engines resulting in Virgin Atlantic having to lease in aircraft that were formerly Air Berlin’s. The problem with the engines was corrosion and cracking of the turbines resulting in a replacement program for all Trent 100 engine turbines over 3 years. This has lead to a shortage of B787s in many airlines, resulting in BA leasing aircraft such as Air Belgium’s A340.

Now another issue has been found. EASA, the European safety regulator has mandated that engines must be swapped around so that you don’t have two old engines on the same aircraft. Instead, they must swap out one engine to a newer one. This is because the engines have now been found to be at risk of engine surges which could result in failure. The risk seems to increase with age, therefore to prevent the likelihood of double engine failure, they have instructed airlines to have aircraft with different age engines on aircraft.

This means more maintenance for BA and EASA have only given airlines 30 days from 30 January to get the work done. This means that any disruption should not last, but it will be interesting to see if any cancellations or aircraft swaps happen as a result. 

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BA – Qatar joint venture to Australia – what does it mean?

Qatar penang


BA and Qatar have requested to form a joint venture to Australia from the UK. This will now be decided by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission. The routes they are proposing are:

  • Adelaide – Manchester
  • Adelaide – London
  • Canberra – London
  • Melbourne – London
  • Melbourne – Edinburgh
  • Melbourne – Manchester
  • Perth – London
  • Perth – Edinburgh
  • Perth – Manchester

Currently, BA only flies to Sydney and if you want to travel to other destinations you would then be on a BA codeshare with Qantas to other cities. By forming a JV it means that BA and Qatar will share the revenue which doesn’t happen in the same way on a codeshare.#

If you are collecting  BA Tier Points it makes no difference as you would have got them flying Qatar anyway since they are part of oneworld (for the moment).  However, you get less Avios flying Qatar if you have status, as you don’t get the tier bonus on a normal Qatar flight. If you flew on a codeshare joint venture flight then British Airways Executive Club status members would get a tier bonus on the Qatar Airways services.


Lufthansa to ditch First in favour of Business Plus?

Lufthansa B777X business class “throne seat”

Although Lufthansa’s business class hard product is pretty average at best, their first class product is very good. With some amazing bargains around even from the UK (see this article for current sale), it would be a great shame to see it disappear. Many airlines are seeking to eliminate or reduce first class with Malaysia Airlines recently changing it to a Business Suite rather than First product. 

With the arrival of Lufthansa’s new cabin on the B777X, it appears they are considering whether to introduce a premium business class. The aircraft will not have a first class cabin. The new B777x Business Class has a 1-1-1/1-2-1 configuration and is expected to be delivered to Lufthansa in 2021. The result of this seat layout is what is commonly called a “throne seat” which offers much greater space and privacy. Lufthansa have said if they did decide to offer a premium business class product as a different fare, it would also have better dining, premium bedding, and preferential service.

Lufthansa B777x business class regular seat

On the subject of B777x, it finally took its maiden flight on Saturday.


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