News & offers: UK-Seychelles from £1468, BA UK Club World from £1182, & discount

BA's new Club Suite

BA Club World ex UK from £1182

Today I will take a look at some BA Club World fares that are good value. Although a lot of the US fares are not specifically advertised as part of the sale, there are some good deals around to the US both from London and Inverness.

Inverness to:

  • Phoenix £1492
  • Las Vegas £1298
  • San Francisco £1402
  • Toronto £1362 (new Club World Suites on 1 flight per day BA92/93)
  • New York £1182
  • New Orleans £1371
  • Nashville £1371
  • Chicago £1401
  • Montreal £1380
  • Denver £1431
  • Dallas £1441
  • Austin £1421
San Francisco

San Francisco

London to:

  • Phoenix £1658
  • San Francisco £1570
  • Toronto £1530 (new Club World seats on 1 flight per day BA92/93)
  • New York £1337
  • New Orleans £1523
  • Chicago £1570
  • Montreal £1547
  • Denver £1598
  • Austin £1588
  • Seattle £1568
  • Portland (only on AA) £1623
  • Washington £1433
BA luxury sale 2017


Most of the fares offer the chance to travel on American as well and some come with up to 2 stops if you are tier point running. If you are not sure which to choose have a read of reviews of both business class products here. One thing to watch out for is a change of airport between Heathrow and Gatwick on some of the Inverness fares which is not the easiest transfer to do when you have to battle the M25! These tend to be the cheapest fares but for a few pounds more you can fly in and out of Heathrow.

The rules of the fares are:

  • Book by: 16 July 2019 and at least 120 days in advance
  • Travel:
    • outbound -permitted Tue/Wed/Thu on each transatlantic sector.
      inbound – permitted Mon/Tue/Wed on each transatlantic sector.
    • outbound – permitted 24 Nov through 30 Nov or 18 Dec through 2 Jan or 1 Apr through 17 Apr for each transatlantic sector.
      inbound – permitted 23 Nov through 30 Nov or 18 Dec through 2 Jan or 5 Apr through 18 Apr for each transatlantic sector.
  • Minimum stay: a Saturday night
  • Maximum stay: 1 month
  • Transfers: Permitted 2 free in each direction in Europe and US
  • Stopovers: No
  • Refundable: No
  • Changeable: For a fee

You can find the special BA sale page here or the BA booking page here. You may also wish to try Skyscanner as often you can save over £100 by comparing all the online travel agents.


London to Seychelles from £1650

BA launch Seychelles flights

Anse Source d’Argent – Beach on island La Digue in Seychelles

I had previously covered the KLM sale here but not mentioned the Air France version which also has a few bargains in their luxury sale. For Air France long-haul business class, however, you need to be a little wary. Air France’s old seats are angled lie flat with 2-2-2. Only about half of Air France long haul aircraft have the lie-flat seating with direct aisle access.  These are on the B777s and B787s. You can tell which seats an aircraft has by the configuration. The new seats have a 1-2-1 configuration. You can view the seat map as part of the booking process on the Air France website.

The new seats are similar to the B787 seats that I flew on. They are the reverse herringbone style seats at nearly 2m long. Some reports suggest they are a bit narrow but I didn’t notice that on the B787. You can read my Air France B787 review here. You get all the usual business class amenities in long haul even on the older aircraft, noise cancelling headphones, power sockets, Clarins amenity kit, on-demand entertainment etc. There is an XXL feather down pillow and a soft duvet too. You can also order your meal in advance from Asian cuisine to fresh seafood with their “A la Carte” meals.

  • Cape Town from £ 1,999
  • Johannesburg from £ 1,649
  • Nairobi from £ 1,550
  • Seychelles from £ 1,649 or £1,468 with Expedia
Cape Town - penguins at Boulders Beach

Cape Town – penguins at Boulders Beach

  • Bangkok from £ 1,679
  • Beijing from£ 1,869
  • Delhi from £ 1,349
  • Dubai from £ 1,449
  • Ho Chi Minh City from £ 1,569
  • Hong Kong from £ 1,779
  • Mumbai from £ 1,489
  • Osaka from £ 1,899
  • Seoul from £ 1,529
  • Shanghai from £ 1,967
  • Taipei from £ 1,779

Hong Kong harbour with a junk boat

  • Bogota from £ 1,449
  • Buenos Aires from £ 1,849
  • Caracas from £ 1,749
  • Havana from £ 1,749
  • Panama City from £ 1,547
  • Punta Cana from £ 1,528
  • Quito from £ 1,749
  • Santiago de Chile from £ 1,829
  • St. Martin from £ 1,549

The rules

  • Book by: 17 July 2019
  • Travel by: 30 June 2020
  • Minimum stay: 6 nights or a Saturday night
  • Maximum stay: 1 month
  • Stopovers: £75 in Paris or Amsterdam

You can find the Air France special offers page here or if you don’t mind using an online travel agent you can probably find the prices a bit cheaper using Skyscanner. discount

You can get an 8% discount off at by entering the coupon code AFFGENUKQ218. As usual, there are some exclusions and rules:

  • Booking Dates: 24th June – 7th July
  • Stay Dates: 24th Jun – 31st Dec
  • Most major chains are excluded
  • You must pay for your stay when you make the booking.
  • rewards cannot be collected or redeemed using the code

You can search for prices and book using the code on here. 


7 Comments on "News & offers: UK-Seychelles from £1468, BA UK Club World from £1182, & discount"

  1. Be aware of AA reschedule though.
    Booked INV-LAX trip on AA, since then AA have rebooked me twice. Once was due to reschedule, AA put me on a direct JFK-LAX flight with less tier points. Second time AA just changed LHR-JFK leg to LHR-SFO without any valid reasons. I have been calling AA dozen of times and trying to get it sorted.

    • Yes AA do reschedule a lot if you book a long time in advance it is more of an issue.

    • Michele & team would know more than me – but in the event of rescheduling/rerouting my understanding is you can demand the Tier Points for the original routing you paid for.

      I.e. I would have taken the deal for LHR-LAX from the booking LHR-JFK-LAX and demanded the Tier Points for the latter – best of both worlds.

      • Sadly you can only ask for original routeing tier point credit when things go wrong on the day of flight, not with changes in advance.

        • Good to know – another thing learned from TLFL 🙂 – thanks Michele & good luck QLondon – sorry to hear about the agro.

      • I had the same in mind, get the original route credit, but was told I can not in this scenario. Exactly as Michelle said.

  2. We have booked 4 flights with AA for September and October this year. Booked in January to take advantage of a great BA first fare to Nashville. Already two of the 4 AA flights have been “rescheduled”. At least not a problem with the tier points.

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