NEWS & OFFERS: Which 12 countries are predicted to be on green list?, BA First Feast Box launch issues & Virgin points bonus

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Which 12 countries are predicted to be on the green list?

With the travel restart announcement by the PM due on Monday, I don’t think that we will be getting the level of detail of which countries will be green just yet. But hopefully, we will be given a broad outline of how and when travel can restart.

I often quote Paul Charles of the Travel Consultancy, The PC Agency as he seems to have the inside track on the ongoing discussion by the travel task force. He has done a chart showing which countries would currently be green if the government were to apply the expected criteria today. As you can see there are a number of countries to chose from.  It’s also interesting to note that he says that it’s expected that just a lateral flow test will be required if you have at least ONE vaccination, which will make a lot of people relieved if this comes to fruition. 


The question with the countries mentioned is which ones will accept us. Here is the current situation with the potential green list countries:

  • Malta – UK vaccinated tourists from 1 June
  • UAE – red list but will accept UK tourists with test prior to travel
  • US – only open for US citizens but looks like it could open to the UK between May-July
  • Israel – hoping to reopen by summer for tourism
  • Canada – UK citizens not allowed
  • Barbados – open to UK tourists but need test prior to departure & 5 -8 quarantine by the time test results come back
  • Portugal – expecting to allow UK visitors from 17 May with a combination of vaccination and certification, and testing.
  • Mexico – open to UK tourists
  • Gibraltar – not currently open to UK tourists
  • Sri Lanka – open to UK but 14 days quarantine and PCR tests
  • Morocco – all flights between UK and Morocco suspended. 
  • Grenada – open. Must pre-book approved accommodation for quarantine on arrival, pre-pay for COVID test in Grenada, apply for a Pure Safe Travel Certificate, and obtain a negative COVID PCR test result within 3 days of travel.


BA First Feast Box launch issues

BA’s First class dining at home experience sent out its first deliveries today and sadly readers are experiencing a number of issues such as missing food or recipe cards. Sadly things like this often seem to happen with a new product when companies can’t cope with the volume of customers. It’s a shame for British Airways since it’s not actually their fault as Feast Box, a separate company, is supplying the boxes. You can read my review here of how it should be.

Feast Box has sent out an email to those affected with an apology and is offering a standard £10 compensation plus a free Feast Box with four meals which I think is fair for most cases. 

Personally, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. It’s just like being on board when they have run out of your first choice of meal or LPGS! A truly authentic experience at home! 

But seriously, hopefully, they will make it right for those that didn’t get what they should have. I really enjoyed mine and would definitely consider ordering again. 

However, there were no such issues for This Morning presenter Philip Schofield when he was surprised with a first class experience for his birthday in the studio. Spot the mistake with his first experience in the video below.



Virgin points offer

Virgin Atlantic is offering its Flying Club members a bonus points offer with up to 20,000 extra Virgin Points available for return flights booked to the Caribbean.

To make the most of this deal, Flying Club members need to book their flights between 31st March – 25th April 2021 with travel dates from 17th May – 30th September 2021. In addition, those who pay with their Virgin Atlantic Reward + credit card (Representative 63.9% APR variable), will double their bonus points, earning up to 40,000 points for a return Caribbean flight.

Customers can earn bonus points on flights to Manchester – Barbados and London Heathrow to Barbados, Antigua, Jamaica, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Cuba, Tobago and Grenada.

Bonus points on offer for all Flying Club members:

  • Economy: 4,000 bonus points
  • Premium: 10,000 bonus points
  • Upper: 20,000 bonus points

Bonus points are offered for a return flight with half the bonus points awarded for a one-way flight.

Bonus points on offer when paying with the Virgin Atlantic Reward+ Credit Card (Representative 63.9% APR variable):

  • Economy: 8,000 bonus points
  • Premium: 20,000 bonus points
  • Upper: 40,000 bonus points

Bonus points are offered for a return flight with half the bonus points awarded for a one-way flight.


3 Comments on "NEWS & OFFERS: Which 12 countries are predicted to be on green list?, BA First Feast Box launch issues & Virgin points bonus"

  1. The Feast Box piece on This Morning was great fun despite the use of the Club World Seat.

  2. Terry Semmence | 2 April 2021 at 9:35 am | Reply

    Brilliant! I guess there’s quite a few club world seats hanging around in cupboards 😊🥂

  3. Highly doubtful the USA will be on that list. Cases are rising significantly. Local vaccination centres in some areas are begging people to go in because people don’t want to be vaccinated. The previous president politicised COVID-19 and vaccinations and now people refuse to get it. Some states are opening fully with cases on the rise and there aren’t any borders between states.

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