UPDATED: Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review & what to do in Doha airport on a long connection

Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review

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I have visited the Al Mourjan many times before but usually, I was on a time constraint or there was Krug to drink, so I have never really explored it that much. On my recent trip to review the QSuites on the A350-900 I had two long stopovers so I had a good nose around.

Qatar business class review B787 a350

Escalators seen from lounge entrance

As you will see from the photos it was extremely quiet on my visits which made a nice change! I was there mid afternoon on one visit and then overnight on the other. The lounge staff said that the busiest times are from about 6pm onwards and then from about 6am.

In this article I will also have a look at what else you can do on a long stopover.

Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review

Entrance to lounge

Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha

Main lounge area

Al Mourjan lounge review qatar airways business class water feature

Sculpture by the water feature

When you arrive you don’t normally have to check in at the desk as staff check your eligibility at the bottom of the escalator. Once in the lounge, you enter by the impressive water feature with its water drop feature. The main floor of the lounge has a huge amount of seats all with a charging point and most with an iPad. Despite the size of the lounge, at busy times it can be tricky to find a couple of seats together. There are a few places that are usually a bit quieter such as to the far right by the windows and the seating area through the glass doors at the back of the middle section.

Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review

Raised central area of the main lounge

The lounge looks impressive due to its sheer size but in terms of its offering is not as impressive as it once was when it was a joint business and first class lounge. There is no help yourself alcohol but you can order it from staff. There are no menus that I have seen so you have to ask what is available. There are numerous stations with soft drinks and ice although when I have been in busy times they could do with topping up more regularly.

Qatar Airways Al Mourjan business class lounge review

Main seating area with iPads

The restaurant and bar

Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review

Looking towards the upstairs restaurant from the lounge

If you want something to eat there are 2 options – the Deli which is to the left side downstairs or the upstairs restaurant and bar. In its heyday this used to have a buffet and a la carte food. Now it is just a buffet. The Krug has also gone very sadly, to be replaced with Lanson. Talk about one extreme to another! It will be interesting to see if they change it again given that onboard they are currently serving Pommery. They do have a rose champagne too.

Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review bar

Upstairs bar

The upstairs can get very busy at peak times and you may well struggle to get a seat. If you want alcohol or a hot drink you can either get it yourself from the bar or ask one of the waiters.

Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review

Main restaurant seating

If it is busy there is another area at the back of the lift which is usually much quieter. Just walk around the sides of the lift and toilet area and you will come to some glass doors leading to the other area. There is not much food here but you can bring food with you from the buffet.

Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review

Back dining area

The choice of spirits is wide but none are particularly premium. I spotted a VS Cognac the last time I visited. The wines are better and they do sometimes have some of the onboard first class wines in the lounge. There is usually at least 2 or 3 reds and whites to choose from.

Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review back dining buffet

Breakfast in back dining area

Food – all day

The food during the day and evening up to about 4am doesn’t seem to vary much but there is plenty of choice. If, like me, you like your Arabic mezze you will be well catered for with individual portions of all the staples plus Arabic bread. There are usually one or two Indian options like butter chicken or biryani which have always been very tasty when I have tried them. Alongside these there is usually a western meat option, pasta and soup. The desserts are situated in a separate area by the coffee machines to the left of the lift as you face it. These always look a bit garish to me so I have never actually tasted them. Plus I am normally saving myself to eat onboard.


The breakfast has a good balance between local specialities and western options but, of course, there is nothing with pork. They do usually offer alternatives such as chicken or beef sausages and bacon. When I was there they also had frittata, cheese omelette and pancakes as hot options. The Arabic options include labneh ( a type of strained yoghurt which is a bit Greek yoghurt), olives, bread, hummus and foul medames. The last item sounds odd and doesn’t look great either as it looks like a more liquid version of refried beans. I really enjoy it though but the trick is to add the accompaniments such as lemon and herbs otherwise it can be a little bland. For the cold options there were some tempting looking pastries and muffins, yoghurts, cereals and fruit.

Quiet rest areas

There are several areas with rest facilities. The main Quiet area (which is something of a misnomer) is accessed through the deli area to the right. This has individuals rooms which are are a good size and also have a TV which seems a bit odd since there aren’t full height walls round them which means they are very definitely not sound proof. When I was there someone was snoring so loudly it made Roving Reporter’s snoring seem like a faint whisper in comparison! I left after about 15 minutes it was so loud. You may have better luck with the screened recliner seats which are next to the business centre and near the main entrance (turn right at too of escalator).

ShowersQatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review shower room

There is often a queue for the showers at busy times, so if you want one I would head there first. If it is full they will let you know when one is free. There was not even anyone at the reception when I went it was so quiet. There are two areas to try. The smaller area is at the back of the middle of the lounge. The other main shower reception is by the quiet area next to the Deli. The shower room was a good size, modern, clean and well equipped. Rituals toiletries were provided.

Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review shower

Shower stall with Rituals toiletries


Qatar business class review B787 A350

Café/sandwich bar area

If you just want a snack with table service the Deli is a good option. The area always feels quieter than the upstairs restaurant and I like the little orange trees on the communal bars. Here is the menu:

Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review deli menu

Deli menu

I had a cajun chicken sandwich and a glass of white wine, the French Reserve de Sainte Cecile chardonnay which was fine. The sandwich was substantial and tasty. It did take a little while to arrive though. I was amused to see that the guy next to me had brought his own portable coffee grinder with him and was busy grinding his coffee for the waiter to then make him a drink! I have seen a lot of things in lounges but that is a new one on me.

Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review chicken sandwich deli

Cajun chicken sandwich

Business and kids facilities

Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review business area

Conference table and printer

If you want to work whilst in the lounge there is a great business area. This is one of the best I have seen. The area is huge with plenty of private computers to use as well as a printer and conference table. There is a receptionist in case you have any queries.

If you have children with you or perhaps are a kid at heart yourself, you will be well catered for. There are family rooms next to the deli area as well as a kids room. There is also a second one through the glass doors at the back of the lounge. These provide all sorts of ways to entertain yourself or the kids from Playstations and table football to mock racing cars.

What to do on a long stopover in Doha airport

The $6.8 million bear which belongs to the Royal family in Qatar

Unfortunately, Doha airport is not nearly as fun as my favourite airport Singapore on a long stopover. Once you have seen the giant teddy bear and the shops you have seen most of it. However, there are a couple of ways to pass the time. If you have a layover of more than 8 hours in business class Qatar will often provide a free hotel. However there are strict criteria about it being the shortest available connection so don’t assume your flight will automatically qualify.

There is a hotel in the terminal which you can book for the night or for a minimum of 5 hours. It is not cheap. When I was there rooms started at over £200. If you do want to stay there make sure you book as far in advance so you can to get a decent price. Often on the day they have nothing left or are charging an extortionate price.

The link for the Oryx hotel is here.

A nice way to spend some time is in the Oryx hotels’ spa and fitness facility. You can pay to use these even if you are not staying in the hotel. Just follow the signs for the transit hotel and the lift has the spa level indicated. The entrance fee starts from 175 QAR and entitles you to access:

  •     25 Metre Temperature-controlled indoor swimming pool
  •     Fully equipped gymnasium
  •     Hydrotherapy tub
  •     Shower room

You can also pay extra for a squash court with everything provided including shoes. Another option is to pay for a treatment which means you can then use the facilities. I opted for a foot reviver at 250 QAR for 20 minutes and a 340 QAR 50 minute massage. The treatments were good although having the treatment room in the changing rooms was rather odd. Robes and slippers were provided and showers are available too.

Here is the Spa menu.

Swimming pool in transit hotel

16 Comments on "UPDATED: Qatar Airways Business Class Al Mourjan lounge Doha review & what to do in Doha airport on a long connection"

  1. We had a 6 1/2 hour stopover and I tried to book a free transit hotel but Qatar cancelled the next day. We booked the Concorde Hotel which was excellent and provided free airport transfers. Only £50 via Expedia.

    We found the lounge uninspiring and confusing as it is so large and we couldn’t find anything that signposted you.

  2. Phil Duncan | 24 June 2018 at 8:06 am |

    I don’t rate this lounge at all, it’s either overcrowded or lifeless and soulless. The food options are unchanging month by month and far from premium. The showers have no aircon and the water temperatures range from hot to very hot which is certainly not what I want given the climate. Now that QR allow paid access for their economy class passengers I expect we will see standards drop further.

    Before the current terminal was opened the premium ground experience in Doha was just that and the dedicated terminal was excellent. The opening of the current terminal the main features of which to me are very long walks and overpriced shopping diminished the QR experience to a point where they are no longer a carrier of choice – but then as my ‘commute’ is UK-Australia I prefer my stop in SE Asia.

    • Milko Van Duijl | 7 September 2019 at 10:48 am |

      One suggestion is what I did a few weeks ago. Coming in from hkg and connecting 8 hours later to Stockholm I bought myself access to the Al Safa first class lounge. Although they increased the price you can use an overnight room which is really like a 5 star hotel room. You then use the dinning area for dinner and breakfast which means that I was fully rested and got more than my money’s worthi value. I will recommend this to anyone and will do it again in my next layover in Doha

      • How does the cost compare to the airside hotel? I booked the hotel once for an 8 hour stopover and was disappointed. High price, unfriendly service, noisy corridor…

  3. I totally agree, given that QR have such a stand-out experience in the air, the lounge is such a BA Galleries Club experience (yes it looks nicer and is actually clean) but the food and drink is just as poor. At peak hours there’s way too many people in there and huge queues even for the toilets.

  4. When I have a long layover I think that it is great to head to the city and go and explore some of the sights there, the newly opened national museum or the Islamic arts museum (sadly both charge for foreigners to enter now) are both a great way to kill a few hours and I also love to walk around Souq Wagif and eat some local delicacies etc, but that is probably better in the evening than during the baking hot day. Then head back to the airport for a shower and some food at the lounge before my flight. An Uber is very cheap and last week was under £5 from Souq Wagif back to the airport.

  5. markwebster1bp | 7 September 2019 at 7:52 am |

    Agree with the sentiment. It looks nice in the photos but it’s just not a great lounge to be in for any length of time. I find the food really sub par. 100% of the deli grilled sandwiches I’ve ever ordered there have been hot on the outside and cold on the inside. The foot at the main restaurant is very mediocre. I’d take the LHR Galleries Club food over that any time.

  6. Scott Cooper | 7 September 2019 at 8:25 am |

    I either love this lounge or hate it. When the lounge is quiet I think it’s fabulous but when it’s busy it can be somewhat of a nightmare. I spend most of my time in The Deli, it’s a really lovely area and I too think the small orange trees are great!

    Also agree with heading to the City as some of the other comments suggest, There are some very nice Hotels at incredible prices (often Qatar also provide a stopover deal) but even when on a long transit you can pick up a 5* hotel a cheap cab ride from the airport for between £50-75.

  7. It would be nice to hear comments on the availability of gluten free food in lounges.

  8. Recently I had a poor experience with QR as there was not only delay but also Qsuites ( on 3 legs out of 4 ) were changed to old 777. Also lounge was horribly crowded, waiting time for shower was longer than an hour, no tables available in both restaurants and it was even difficult to find any seat to have some rest. I agree – when it was business and first lounge – it was very special with great food and alcohol and good service. Now I avoid to fly QR – prefer SQ

  9. For those knocking the Al Mourjan, I relish being re-directed there when the Gold status lounge is overloaded, which is most mornings. There is no hot food, just soup, and always the same few sandwiches & salads. Coffee from a machine, cheap wine & spirits. Worse still – and I complain every time – smoke seeps out of the smoking room, so the whole lounge smells stale. Just grim.

  10. We have travelled on Qatar a lot for the double points and better aircraft service and layout than the dreaded BA 777! We have given up on the downstairs due to uncomfortable seating, poor food and slow service in the deli area. In 2015 they served Billecart Salmon champagne but, like most airlines, now they have dumbed down the club class offering. We now go upstairs where the food is very average (the sweets are the best quality!) but there is usually space between 1pm and 7pm. Interesting to learn about the other area behind the lifts.

    Our next trip in October, to Burma, will probably be our last trip of 4 in the past 4 years on Qatar and quite a few in earlier years. Even in the past 2 years the offering and service have markedly deteriorated. They are no longer the best airline, though still marginally better than BA. All airlines now have crowded lounges due to paid for access offers and desire to save cost. All very sad when people who pay the club level fare are surrounded by crowds of chancers!

  11. I am transiting through DoHo in May, flying in Business on Qatar. One of my flights has a 7 hour and 55 minute layover, so I guess I need to get my own hotel room or rough in the lounge. Nice of Qatar airways to schedule the flight so it is just 5 minutes short of them possibly providing a hotel room for me. The other flight has a 9 hour and 15 minute layover. I reserved a room at the airport hotel just in case, but will Qatar at some point offer me a free room based on my long connection? Thanks and Happy 2020 to all.

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