What’s travel like now? Singapore Airlines A350 business class to Singapore & transit at Singapore airport

Singapore Airlines A350-900

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Today’s review is by Howard who also did this interesting review on BA’s A350 Club Suite to Washington.

Howard travelled to Singapore and then remained in transit to fly back to Heathrow again.


Check-in, lounge and boarding

24 August arrived for 11:25 am flight from Terminal 2 to Singapore, with 15 hours in transit and return. T2 busier than my DC trip a month ago from T5. One lounge is open (Lufthansa) but the Senator section is still closed. It was not busy.

The buffet was closed but a limited selection of breakfast items were available to order from behind a barrier.

Quite a few shops were open on my way to the satellite terminal. On arrival at the gate my temperature was taken. I did not have to fill any forms in, being a transit passenger. Changi airport allows transit passengers flying with SIA or Scoot  (SIA off-shoot). No other airlines are allowed transit passengers. On-board transit passengers were seated away from flyers entering Singapore. No problem in business class as I was only passenger on the A350.

My seat was 19A in the rear business section – a bulkhead seat. A wise choice….

Food and beverage service was good. 3 choices of hot food and Laurent Perrier champagne. The herb-crusted chicken dish with pasta and such was very filling – so much so I did not have breakfast prior to landing some 13 hours later.

Staff were amazing and helpful.

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The seat folds back to reveal a flat bed.

Care kits are given out to help keep safe. Toilets are cleaned/checked after each visit.

Landing slightly early at 0700 next day (25 August) passengers were disembarked in two groups. People going into Singapore were taken off first. I was given a green wristband to denote I was a transit passenger. On leaving the plane with a security escort I was whisked to T1 transit hotel, Aerotel.

Check-in took place after I filled in an electronic form and had temp taken. The rate for 15 hours includes 2 meals.

Room 10 was fine but note no windows…so during my layover I didn’t see any daylight.

I ordered breakfast but it was a surprise! Scrambled egg, 2 veal sausages and underneath bright red ham. The “sliced fresh fruits” were just 2 orange segments. It was pretty vile. I didn’t bother taking my second meal after that.

Slept most of the day (staying on UK time) and had a shower before being collected by an escort for journey back to the transit area prior to departure at 1130. No buggy available so had a 25-minute walk from T1 to T3. Transit passengers are not allowed to visit any shops, though ordering duty goods to be delivered to the gate is possible on-line.

On arrival at the transit holding area I was checked and left to find a space. There is a separate business area but not much on offer. Drinks and a few crackers and biscuits.

My flight was called and we made a short train journey to the gate, under escort. Through security and then embarked. My sear this time was 22K…a standard business pod. Not too good. I’m only 5ft 5” or so. When the bed was made up I had to lay a little sideways to get my feet into the foot tunnel. Not much room for wiggling. Not a patch on BA’s A350 configuration.

Breakfast was served and I chose the lovely Singapore Carrot Cake option. Very tasty. No carrots but radish, egg and prawns.

Upon landing, we disembarked as one bunch. At immigration, the e-gates were open for relevant travellers. I did not need to show my pre-landing on-line form filled out 48 hours earlier.

To sum up, it was a nice flight with brilliant service on-board and on the ground in Heathrow and Singapore. J would just advise grabbing a bulkhead seat if you are a taller person.

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11 Comments on "What’s travel like now? Singapore Airlines A350 business class to Singapore & transit at Singapore airport"

  1. I am completely confused as to why anyone would do this trip, let alone blog about it, in the current circumstances. This can’ be a TPR surely?
    It is also not particularly useful as a ‘what travel is like now’ post, as the answer to that is ‘not very different’ apparently.
    Sorry Michelle, not what I expect to see here.

    • See my comment below as “bayards”. I am Howard..a courier.

    • As the writer as said himself. He is travelling as a courier for work. As I have said many many times, can we please assume that there is a reason why I am publishing these sort of posts. Because I know it was essential business and Howard kindly agreed to give us a glimpse into a different world.

  2. martin kelsall | 6 September 2020 at 9:32 am |

    Ditto as above

  3. Having used SA several times, the Bulkhead has the largest foot rest as a full length flap fold down it’s not just a cubby hole.

  4. Charlie Whiskey | 6 September 2020 at 10:49 am |

    ” It is also not particularly useful as a ‘what travel is like now’ post, as the answer to that is ‘not very different’ apparently.”

    What an odd comment! The report tells us that it is “not very different’ apparently.” If that is so, then its is a very useful review. Or do you want reviewers to either make things up or only write about trips that are not “as usual”!

  5. My trip was made as I am a courier…I travel most weeks (during normal times). Normally I would have a layover but quarantine negates that.

  6. What is the point of this article?

    A pointless trip IMHO

    • Why pointless? I had 250 kg of courier material to drop off. No need to stay landslide. The article will be useful for Australian and NZ travellers wanting to use SIA via Singapore and have a short kip in the hotel. You could you into Singapore but would then have a 2 week quarantine. On the return leg there were lots of Antipodean travellers doing just that.

  7. I’m 5’10” tall and used to fly regularly on SQ. Never felt uncomfortable in the full flat bed position, but there is a trick to adapting to it by sleeping on one side (normally I sleep on my back).

    At any rate, I rarely fall asleep on flights and the extensive selection of movies from all around the world keeps me occupied!

  8. “I had 250 kg of courier material to drop off.”
    How did you do that while in transit only?

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