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Avios bonus

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Avios.com have a number of offers to get bonus Avios. This may be a way to top up your balance very easily, but beware as some may take a long time to post, particularly hotel stays. If you need Avios in a hurry, try my article on emergency Avios.


Heathrow Express

Travel on the Heathrow Express and you’ll get 20 Avios for every £1 you spend (was 10 Avios), when you book online. Bookings must be made by 24 October 2017. A standard return at £37 would net you 740 Avios so it is worth considering whether you can factor it into your journey. The offer page is here.

Heathrow Rewards

heathrow rewards avios bonus

You can collect Heathrow Rewards on most purchases from Heathrow including parking, shopping and restaurants. You can then use the rewards for money off Heathrow shopping or parking and also you could transfer them into Avios or several other airline loyalty schemes. If you haven’t joined yet, you can find out more here.

If you convert your Heathrow Rewards points into Avios before 30 September, and you’ll collect 50% extra Avios. You can transfer your points into Avios once you reach 250 points. The rate is usually 1 point = 1 Avios. The offer page is here.


No 1 lounges

No 1 Lounge Gatwick North review

No 1 Lounge Gatwick North bar

Book and visit a No1 Lounge by 30 September 2017 and receive 750 Avios for your booking, plus a 250 bonus Avios. I reviewed the No 1 lounge at Gatwick North terminal here. Bearing in mind that a lounge visit only costs from just £22.50 per person for Avios Rewards members, this is a cheap way to get 1000 Avios as to buy them would cost £31!


By the way, if you find yourself needing a No 1 lounge visit at the last minute, you can show your Avios membership number at the door to get a £5 discount and collect 500 Avios.

The offer page is here.


If you are thinking of making an Apple purchase soon, make sure you do it by the 31 August and collect 8 Avios per £1 spent. The usual rate of earning is 4 Avios / £1. I managed to get my last iPhone during a 12 Avios per £1 promotion but make sure you read the T&Cs carefully as there are some exclusions like the VAT element of the purchase. The offer page is here.


I used to avoid Booking.com unless it was just as a place holder for a hotel that could be cancelled as usually with cash back, other sites were cheaper. However, there have been changes and recently I have found better rates on booking.com than anywhere else (particularly when signed into my account) which makes this offer worth considering. There is currently 8 Avios / £1 for bookings made until 31/08/2017 instead of the usual 4 Avios / £1. However, don’t expect to get the Avios anytime soon. Like Hilton, you only get the Avios 90-120 days after you have completed your stay. The offer page is here.



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