British Airways New First Class onboard offerings – a very mini review!

So I was fortunate enough to have a first class booking a few days after the new service started and here are a few of my thoughts… And lots of pictures!

I flew on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Doha, for clarity. If you want to read more about BA’s B787 First cabin try this review.

Pre-departure Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle and nuts

  • It’s complicated – the crew showed me the service instructions, which were pages and pages long.
  • It’s a good step in the right direction – it brings first towards other carriers, but come on BA – we need Caviar!
  • The food was decent, as far as plane food goes.
  • The portion sizes are now substantial.
  • The cocktails are fun, but nothing amazing, as the choice is missing any real “classics”
  • They still don’t carry enough LPGS onboard.
  • The service, due to its nature is slower.
  • The PJs were comfy, but I’m not a massive fan of the design.

Me working the men’s PJs what do you think?


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Ladies amenity kit

  • Didn’t try the headphones personally so can’t comment but a friend said they are definitely a step up in terms of comfort and noise cancellation/isolation.

New noise cancelling headphones

The new bedding is a step up too with 400 thread count sheets, a much thicker topper (although sadly not like the Emirates memory foam one) and a better pillow too. It definitely made a very comfy bed!

Enjoy the pics and expect a more detailed review next week when Michele and I, fly in First to Singapore.

Food and drink photos

The menu and drinks:

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Canapés, with more champagne of course!

New glasses:

Gin Zing cocktail in one of the new glasses:

The Vichysoisse soup with poached duck egg:

The meze plate:

Cod Sayadieh:

Broccoli with almonds and potato fondant side dish:

Fillet of beef with 3 sides: fondant potato, carrots and broccoli

Vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce:

So what do you think of the look of new First? Do you think it’s an improvement? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

18 Comments on "British Airways New First Class onboard offerings – a very mini review!"

  1. Looks good, Paul. Will be flying in First next month to Kuala Lumpur – looking forward to sampling what’s new too 👍

  2. Brett A Crittenden | 7 April 2019 at 7:12 am | Reply

    What is it about never having enough LPGS on board?

    • I’m guessing it is super expensive so they try to load the minimum. They are not great at predicting loads either. In this case, there were only 3 people booked in F but it was obvious from the loads elsewhere there would be upgrades.

  3. I wonder how you can verify that the New service is available on your flight. I am scheduled to fly on the 777 flight LHR-HKG on the 11th. Anybody knows if the new First is to be served on this flight?

  4. Looks an improvemt on previous offering. Wont be trying it until September on way to Nashvilleor the review.though, looking forward to it. Thanks fo

  5. Happy to see the improvements, can’t wait to sample it in May. Also happen to love the glassware. Overall, how are you feeling about the changes?

  6. When using the Gold Upgrade voucher from Business to First, the itinerary shows A Class all the way. Would the Tier Points & Avios accrual for each leg be as for I/R/D class (Club World) for for A class (First)?

  7. Apparently I am a naive newbie, but what is LPGS? Presumably not Liquid Petroleum Gas or Langley Park Girls School?

  8. Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle. Very expensive and its hard to see why. I found it underwhelming on the only occasion I ever got to try it and would much prefer to have adequate amounts of a cheaper but still decent Champagne like Bollinger, or just plain Laurent Perrier, both of which are very nice indeed.

    • Lady London | 7 April 2019 at 6:39 pm | Reply

      +1. Have been very underwhelmed by it.
      Give me Taittinger or Bolly or even a bit of Krug if I can scrounge some, anyday.

  9. Biarritzsurf | 7 April 2019 at 1:10 pm | Reply

    Hello. Looks like they have simplified the deserts a lot with no “warm desert” to choose from anymore. It also looks like they have removed the Fougasse “flying waiter” from the First menu covers which is a shame as the cartoon had been on menu covers on BA First Class since 2009 and was a link back to the Imperial Airways advertising posters of old. Did you see a wine list? Could you post it?

  10. Looking at the menu images, am I right that the choice of mains has reduced from four options to three with the new service?

  11. Interested to hear the excuse the crew gave as to the lack of champagne?? I don’t believe there’s a current shortage, plus it’s bulk loaded in the drinks bars irrelevant of passenger load (so always loaded to max).. Infact there should be enough loaded for 2 sectors (as First class booze on most routes is round tripped)

  12. My parents flew back from Santiago de Chile om Wednesday after visiting me. A huge dissdisappoint. Food was cold and in the case of the salmon, slightly raw. The rest of the food was soft and stodgy. Pajamas were thin and fely cheap. Cabin way too warm and lots of noise all night. They also said the plane (a dreamliner) was dirty and already showiys it’s age. They’d saved avios for 15 years so were immensely disappointed. Their outwards flight to Buenos Aires was with Norwegian Premium which they rated much better than BA first in terms of comfort, food and service.

  13. Thanks! I have been trying to find this! I don’t suppose you got a pic of the new drinks list?

  14. ‘Enjoy the pics and expect a more detailed review next week when Michele and I, fly in First to Singapore.’ – looking forward to this review – when do you expect it to be posted?

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