Status matching – what is it and how to do it? – Part 1 Airlines

Status matching is available for both airline and hotel status and can be extremely useful way to get benefits for a particular trip or if you are changing your long term travel pattern. If you have status in one frequent traveller program you can often leverage this to get similar status…

Reader question: Flights to the Maldives, Qatar sale looming

Reader question If you would like to ask a question please feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] or click on the contact us tab above. A reader contacted me asking about flights to the Maldives. ” I want to fly to the Maldives in business class in…

News: Qatar Dublin details, Boots Avios with Amex, Loyalty 2017 10% discount

Qatar announces Dublin launch details I wrote about the new Qatar service from Dublin last week in this article. They have now announced the details and there is good news about the aircraft type. Qatar will be flying a B787 Dreamliner from Dublin which has the latest reverse herringbone seats….