The best tier points runs to make BA Silver or Gold this year plus best business class fares

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The best tier points runs to make BA Silver or Gold this year

I had a reader this week asking for the best suggestions to make Gold this year, so since I have had quite a few emails along the same subject recently, I thought it was worth exploring. With the automatic renewal of status unlikely to continue and corporate travel still not back to the same levels, you may need to look at something to help maintain your status.

I’ll also include a round up of the best fares in business class as usual. 


What do I need to qualify for British Airways silver or gold?

BA Executive club avios

Usually, you need 600 Tier points and 2 eligible flights for Silver and 1500 tier points and 4 eligible flights to make gold. However, BA has reduced tier points for those that can make the number of tier points required by 31 December 2022. This will not be displayed anywhere on online in your account and it is not clear when it will show you as having completed the required amount. Some people are being told in January, and others are told when you complete your tier point year. Officially now says “If your Tier Point Collection Year end date is in 2023 and you are eligible to renew your Tier status under the reduced Tier Point thresholds, your membership will be automatically renewed in January 2023. There is no need to contact us to arrange this.“ However, given the fiasco with the double tier points on BA Holidays not being credited as promised, I’ll believe that when I see it!

Here are the full details of the reductions:

BA has reduced the amount of Tier Points needed to renew or upgrade each Tier by 25% for all Members until 31 December 2022.

This means you can benefit from lower Tier Point thresholds until this date, as shown below:

  • Bronze: 225 Tier Points or 18 eligible flights
  • Silver: 450 Tier Points or 37 eligible flights (Silver members with renewal dates July-September 2022 will given a 50% reduction in the amount of tier points needed (From 600 to 300 TPs)
  • Gold: 1125 Tier Points

From 1 January 2023, these thresholds will revert to:

• Bronze: 300 Tier Points or 25 eligible flights

• Silver: 600 Tier Points or 50 eligible flights

• Gold: 1500 Tier Points

Eligible flights are defined as:

Those flights marketed or operated by British Airways and those flights marketed and operated by Iberia.

  • Marketed‘ means the flight will have a BA flight number (in your itinerary or on your ticket).
  • Operated‘ means the aircraft that you travel on is a British Airways aircraft (including franchises and BACityflyer).
  • Marketed and operated by Iberia‘ means the flight will have an IB flight number and the aircraft you travel on is an Iberia aircraft (including franchises).

It is a bit confusing but basically if you complete the reduced 25% off tier points by 31 December 22 no matter when your tier point year ends then you get the reduced threshold. So my year runs until 8 March 23 but I am aiming to get 2250 for GGL by 31 December instead of having to earn the full 3000 points by 8 March 2023. 


The best tier point runs

Catania with Mount Etna towering behind it

If you are trying for tier points, you need to maximise any flights you take to see if you can add in extra “transfers”. This means adding in extra stops – for example, if you fly to Los Angeles via New York, you can add an extra 140 extra tier points each way often for no extra cost. Adding in flying via Helsinki when going to the US can also add 160 tier points return. A flight’s tier points can vary by airline and mileage, so check your routing on the BA calculator to make sure you know your tier points before booking. 

I will concentrate on flights that are available until 31 December.

Short haul

Sofia in Bulgaria

For short haul, ideally you want flights that get 160 tier points return. The cheapest of these in Club Europe return are:

You can find the cheapest days to fly using British Airways low fare finder. 


If you don’t want to spend that much or only need a small number of tier points, the cheapest Club Europe flights are domestic flights which start from £160 return. These will get you 80 tier points return. For international destinations try:

  • Luxembourg £160 (read my tier point break guide here)
  • Dublin £188
  • Jersey £214
  • Nuremberg £216
  • Pisa £214
  • Billund (fun flight on Sun Air) £220
  • Bologna £220
  • Bordeaux £228
  • Brussels £228
  • Copenhagen £214
  • Prague £220
  • Valencia £220
  • Verona £220
  • Venice £220
  • Warsaw £220

You can find the cheapest days to fly using British Airways low fare finder. 

Have you found a good tier point run? Let us know in the comments below.


Long haul

Honolulu, Hawaii. Waikiki beach and Honolulu’s skyline.

If you have more time, the two best options to rack up tier points quickly are via the US West Cost/Hawaii or to Asia. Qatar offer good tier points as you get 560 return in business class due to the flights being via Doha. However, Qatar are pretty expensive at the moment.

For example, you will need to use the BA multi-city option to add in transfers via New York

Prices return in business class per person:

  • Oslo – Dubai £744 Finnair (November onwards) – 360 tier points
  • Abu Dhabi to Jakarta (ideal to then head to Bali etc) £813 Sri Lankan – 560 tier points
  • Budapest to Honolulu British Airways £1910 – 920 tier points via New York both ways
  • Budapest to US West Coast – Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco etc British Airways £1719 – 640 tier points via New York both ways
  • Dublin – Los Angeles £1516 British Airways  – 640 tier points via New York and London both ways


Non tier point runs – best business class

Al Khazneh (The Treasury) at old city Petra. Jordan

The majority of the best fares are six month advance purchase to the US so it’s worth thinking about flights for next spring now. 





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  1. Thanks for the article. I’ve booked flights to hit the reduced gold threshold by end of 2022. With a BAEC renewal year of 31 July 2023 however, I’d certainly hope BA honour the upgrade from my current silver to gold, a few days after the last required TP register in December, as would be the case under normal circumstances, rather than wait another 7-8 months. This wait until end of TP year has never been mentioned before by BA, as far as I know?

  2. states this, so an upgrade should be immediate (once TP posted); a renewal will show from January 🙂

    “If your Tier Point Collection Year end date is in 2023 and you are eligible to upgrade your Tier status under the reduced Tier Point thresholds, your membership will automatically be upgraded once you have earnt the required number of Tier Points. There is no need to contact us to arrange this.

    If your Tier Point Collection Year end date is in 2023 and you are eligible to renew your Tier status under the reduced Tier Point thresholds, your membership will be automatically renewed in January 2023. There is no need to contact us to arrange this.“

    • Thanks Patrick. People had been told different things on the phone so hopefully, this is correct. However, given that virtually none of the BA Holidays double tier points got credited within 60 days as per I’ll believe it when I see it for real!

      • Quite a few comments coming through on FlyerTalk recently that suggest BA may now have sorted automated double TP awarding…

        And, possibly, an extension to the promo!!

  3. I would also add Finnair’s quirky 2,000+ mi. flights from Helsinki to either Malaga or Lisbon which both earn 140 TP each way in business. Makes for a somewhat easier way to earn 280 TP in one go without going long haul.

    • Indeed, that’s in my plans, along with Iberia MAD-TLV following same logic 👍

    • That’s a good one Matt. As ever the issue is getting to Helsinki since prices are high due to the lack of competition.

  4. Lot easy if you already have Silver status, because BA only now require a total of 300 Tier Points by your next Tier Point Collection Year end date.

    • Only for silver members with a TP collection year end of “July, August and September 2022” though (as they didn’t benefit from an extension into 2023 as those before did).

    • Thanks Ian. It’s only for July to September 22 renewal dates which we have almost passed now but I have added this to the article for clarity.

  5. My renewal date is July, I would have been Silver status before my renewal date had my holiday double tier points been added when they should have however, they were credited August, over 3 months after travel and now my account shows 320 points needed to add to the 280 I already have to retain silver status! BA are not my favourite airline right now having bumped me at the airport from a business class seat to LHR to a GAT flight instead. They provided a taxi home but still not provided compensation (or even replied to my complaint) over 3 months later. The status issue is yet another bug bear.

    • You definitely should contact them as they should be able to sort out the silver status. I’d try phoning the silver number if you have it. They are very very slow to respond to claims at the moment but they should get there eventually. Fingers crossed you sort it all out.

  6. Royal Jordanian is also worth a look for long haul tier runs. Bangkok via Amman is a high rewarding route with reasonable business flights

    • Just one other option which might be useful for folks who need to re-qualify for Silver or Gold before January. Just booked a Sofia to Singapore via Doha with Qatar – available for ~£1,550 and will net 560 TPs. If you also position to Sofia with BA you can increase it to 720 TPs. The Sofia to Singapore legs are on their short haul kit but does have a lie flat seat.

  7. Susan Carter | 1 September 2022 at 8:08 am |

    Does this extension apply to Bronze membership too?

  8. Need 2 flights to get Silver for next year
    Or 455 tier points for Gold.

    Whilst I can potentially fly to Florida for Christmas, it would still leave too much to get between now and then.

    So I am thinking get 2 flights and stay as Silver.

    Shame as I like Gold haha!

    As I get older I struggle to work out the options!

  9. Slightly more technical one.

    My TP collection ends on 8th October but the card expiry is 30th November.

    I have TP runs booked between these two dates in order to qualify for almost two years of gold.

    The problem is. I have flights between end of November and January.

    When will mine update and will I still be classed as a Gold Card Holder?


    • If your flights are from 8 October to 31 December and you get the amount for gold on the reduced tier points during that period it should give you gold. The only issue could be if they are slow crediting then you may need to get them manually updated. This has been an issue with some of the double tier points.

  10. The Finnair 2k mile routes above (Malaga and Lisbon) are a great way to get 280 tier points, and its much easier to start in Malaga or Lisbon.
    However, Finnair are in a real mess at the moment with routes being cancelled left, right and centre and a new strategic alliance announced with Qatar. This might be good news in the medium term, but social media is full of very naffed off Finnair customers atm.

  11. The double tiers points offer has been a bit of a nightmare for some. My DPs for a holiday in NAS were only credited a few days ago for a trip in March/April. Luckily I kept Gold through my regular flights but it was only credited after several emails.
    While it has been good to have status extended, loyalty only seems to be one sided and I am now sitting with a number on cancelled flights between now and March ‘23 and it’s likely I’ll only keep my status through long haul
    Top Tip: For those unable to get through on the dedicated Gold line, I always call after 9pm (sometimes as late as midnight) have always got through really quickly to the New Delhi or the Cape Town call centre and my issue dealt with and sorted immediately.

  12. Graham Walsh | 1 September 2022 at 8:53 am |

    I need to be in Dubai in October and no decent TP runs. Someone on the FB BA suggested MAD to DXB but when I went to book the fare had gone up 🙁

  13. Great to see another article on Tier point runs, These are a great help. I need 40 tier points to achieve silver, I managed to book LGW to AMS, CE out and ET return in Oct, 40 & 5 respectively. £200.

  14. Just been officially published… Double TP promotion now extended to September 2023!

    Scroll down the page a bit 🙂

  15. My last double tier points from July came thru within 2 weeks of my return from hols. Earlier in the year they took for ever. I can also confirm that both my Gold and Guest List have automatically renewed for 23/24 on my account having already accrued 2850 TPs before end of this year. So yes, IT seems to be now working (better)

  16. Has anyone had any experience of booking a more complicated routing in the US using multiple AA flights ? Does it work and what are the rules ?For example LHR-JFK-MIA-SEA-LAX-HON return or something similar

    • It depends on how many sectors as there’s a maximum you can do online so you may have to use an agent or ring them. I usually find AA can’t get the same price. There’s a booking enquiry form on TLFL for an agent that can help with complex bookings. If you use ITA matrix you can use that for planning and book
      With matrix to then book it. Make sure you check the tier points as it varies between 140-40 per sector depending on length. Most are only 40 in domestic first except HNL and transcontinental. Also AA usually have multiple schedule changes so it’s worth bearing that in mind when booking.

  17. @Sayling yes just saw on HFP comments. Good news.

  18. Charlotte Cappin | 1 September 2022 at 7:16 pm |

    Hello thank you for this; I am currently BA silver and I need to renew my status on 8 October and my card runs out on 30 November. I currently have 960 tier points and am due to fly to Athens on 13 October and Rome on 1 December. Please can you confirm that the tier points i accrue then ie 240 will be counted and I will then make Gold this year in December or will they count for next year or both?

    • They will count for next year. The 960 TP will reset on 9 October. So you would have to get enough for Gold between then and 31 December unfortunately. there’s a slim possibility BA may allow you to add the October ones to this year as there’s a 14 leeway they sometimes allow but it’s not guaranteed and you need to speak to them. If you have had flights cancelled in the last year that would have taken you to Gold its also worth mentioning that are previously they had extended some people that had cancelled flights.

      • Charlotte Cappin | 2 September 2022 at 6:21 am |

        Thank you I misread the information I thought that you could go up a tier if you made the points before December 31. I did have a very unpleasant situation at the B Club lounge which nearly meant I missed my flight to Doha when I was told mistakenly that my flight had been cancelled

  19. Charlotte Cappin | 1 September 2022 at 7:17 pm |

    Thank you! Pressed send too quickly

  20. Cheapest £ per TP I can see are BA LHR to SOF club class under £200 in November (and other times) for 160 TP? Am I wrong? Getting close to £1 per TP seems low.

  21. Hi, extremely noobish question but I can’t figure out how people get such low prices on multi city, how do you select the dates and flights?

    • It’s easiest to do it not all as separate flights if possible. So you could for example do Dublin-JFK instead of Dublin -Heathrow- JFK as it should offer that option. There’s something called ITA matrix which is useful for planning. It will show you how many transfers are allowed and all the rules of the fare.

  22. I’m a little confused with the end of year reduced tier points. I am currently bronze, with my tier point collection year ending on 8th jan 2023. If I reach 450 tier points before the end of the year to make silver, would this status only last until the end of my collection year? Or also for my next membership year i.e. 9th Jan 2023-Jan 2024?

    • Good news, it would apply to the end of your next year, so Jan 24 although, in fact, the card itself would be valid until the end of February 2024 as you get an extra month after the TP collection year ends. This is why in normal times I’d always advise trying to hit a higher status level early in your year, as it can last for almost two years!

  23. MilesForMePlz | 2 September 2022 at 5:56 pm |

    I am about to hit bronze in a week, will reach 360 points, according to the info read here on the reduced points for tiers, does it mean that I am eligible to get silver at 450 points? my collection year ends in July 2023. If this is the case I’d only need 90 points and I could get one of the European deals to achieve Silver before October where I fly to Dubai on a reward flight and could enjoy lounge access and the other perks.

  24. Hey folks, My membership year resets this month and I’d like to get to Gold. I’m flexible with working so can go at any time, and have spent time looking at BA Holidays to Sofia/Marrakech and even just multiple return flights to Sofia for example in Business class and can’t seem to get anywhere. Can any of you experts recommend the best (most cost-efficient) way to reach close to the 1125 tier points required for Gold by the end of the year? Happy to do multiple trips, but would like to reach it cost-efficiently! Thank you!!

    • Have you tried using the low fare finder on BA? That shows the best dates for the cheapest flights in Club. You could then look to build a 5 day holiday round those to one of those destinations. Finnair Helsinki to Malaga can also be good value at around £550 for 280 TP return in Club and easy to do quickly. Best to start in Malaga as cheaper to get there.

  25. Roddy campbell | 9 September 2022 at 4:00 pm |

    Hi Michele, I’ve been looking at combining the Sofia run with a holiday package, and have a question.

    I can book a holiday package 12/1/23 to 17/1/23, flight and car. £347 and 160TP X 2 = 320 tier points?


    The LHR to SOF outbound lands at 12:50. The SOF to LHR inbound takes off at 14:00.

    So I can also buy a Club return for the same dates, starting in Sofia, for £246. First leg SOF to LHR departs 14:00, 70 minutes after I land, ie it is the same plane so I can’t miss it? Then I go back to SOF on 17th from LHR landing at 13:00, returning to LHR an hour later on the return of my holiday booking.

    I never bother to collect the car.

    That return flight has 160TP and costs £246.

    All in cost £590 and 480 TP?

    What are the flaws? That’s Silver in the bag (my collection year ends November)

    Thanks, Roddy

    • Yes flights and 5 days car hire would get you 320 TPs in Club. In terms of then “nesting” another return flight this is a called a back to back as you return on the same plane lessening the risk of missing it. Sofia is usually very easy to a back-to-back as you come out straight in the departure area so you should not need to go landside providing you have your boarding pass.

      The only issue could be not collecting the car. Very occasionally car hire companies don’t like this and could cancel the booking or question it with BA but this is unusual. Perhaps any TLFL readers that have specific recent experience in Sofia can advise.

  26. Looking for some help with my maths! I am currently silver with 80 TP . Collection year ends April 2023 and I have a BA holiday booked from Dublin to Boston for November. Dublin to lhr in club , lhr to Boston in first return and then lhr to dub in economy. Will this get me gold or will I need to upgrade my lhr to dub flight on return ? Sorry if this is complicated but want to get it right. Thanks.

    • The rules say it must originate in the UK so if it’s all on one ticket you wouldn’t get double TP. Assuming It’s all cash the way out would get 250. Coming back it depends what class in economy you are in. You can see what class it is by clicking on the flight in manage my booking.

  27. Sorry , forgot to say I have a club return to Rome booked to which I believe is 80 Tp

  28. Thanks very much. I had booked it as a holiday from Dublin so will have to rethink. Thanks for good advice as usual.

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