BA & AA Dublin to US business class fares from £1030

ex eu dublin BA flights

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American Airlines Dublin-US promotion

There is a new promotion for business class fares to the USA which must be booked through American Airlines by 6 April and start from Dublin. The fares are approximately (depending on the exchange rate):

ex eu dublin BA flights

Miami’s South Beach

  • New York JFK – £1,031
  • Miami – £1,075
  • Los Angeles – £1,250
  • Las Vegas – £1,184,
  • Honolulu – £1,445

The journey needs to be completed within one of the following sets of dates:

19 MAR -12 APR OR
25 JUN – 22 AUG OR
23 NOV – 30 NOV OR
18 DEC – 04 JAN

How to book

You can travel on BA or AA. You must book at least 14 days in advance and stay a Saturday night. The tickets are understandably non-refundable. The best way to find the flights you want at those prices is probably through Google flights. Alternatively, if you have a more complex routing in mind, by using ITA matrix. I explained both in more detail here. On Google flights you can click straight through to American Airlines to purchase the flights. You need to book through American Airlines not to purchase the flights at the reduced price. If you know exactly what you want you can go straight to the main AA page.

Choosing flights

When booking, it pays to do your research if you will use AA flights as American Airlines have a number of different seats in use. The best bet, although a slightly longer travel time, is to route via Heathrow and onto one of American Airlines’ B777s. They have 2 different types of seating in use on these but both are flat beds with direct aisle access. The B777-200 has seats similar to BA in that some face backwards but they are better than the BA seats for aisle access. The B77W has the newest reverse herringbone seats and also a mini cabin of just 2 rows at the front which I travelled in. I was very impressed with the flight in terms of comfort and space. I personally would choose AA over BA for the seats. I would avoid any AA B757s as they still have angled lie flat seats.


Waikiki Beach in Honolulu

Other options

If you are not in a position to book by 6 April, there is an ongoing advance purchase fare from Dublin which is similar but more expensive:

  • New York JFK – €1,427
  • Miami – €1,532
  • Los Angeles – €1,795
  • Las Vegas – €1,667
  • Honolulu – €2,095

Thanks to Flyertalk for the information. If you want more information on flying an Ex-EU/Dublin flight you may find this article interesting.