What are the best British Airways & oneworld lounges around the world part 3 – Asia

The Pier

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Many people don’t realise that if you have status or are flying on a oneworld airline in business or first class, that you can use almost any oneworld lounge, not just that of the airline you are flying on. I thought it would be useful to show some of the lounges available for you to use around the world. The lounges featured are based on ones that we have personally used or been recommended by friends that have used them. They may not all be world-class, but they are the ones I consider the best in the particular airport for oneworld. This is the final part of the series. 

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Many people don’t realise that if you have status or are flying on a oneworld airline in business or first class, that you can use almost any oneworld lounge, not just that of the airline you are flying on. I thought it would be useful to show some of the lounges available for you to use around the world.


Do you have a favourite lounge that isn’t featured? Add it in the comments below or on social media. 



The Pier and The Wing Cathay Pacific Hong Kong – First and Business

The Pier

The Pier and The Wing have all the things you would expect from a Cathay lounge – and being the home lounge multiply that by 10! There are a plethora of lounges at Hong Kong for Cathay and given the vastness of the airport you are best choosing by location unless you have lots of time. The Wing and the Pier have the First lounges and both offer different things.

Bath suite

The Wing is lighter and offers beautiful bathrooms with stunning bath suites. The Pier has foot massage and private relaxation rooms with a view of the airfield.

Private suite at the Pier

For business class, I prefer the lighter Wing with its long bar and bustling and sleek Noodle bar area.

The Wing business class

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Cathay Pacific business + first class lounges Hong Kong reviews – which one to choose?

If you are flying on a oneworld airline from Hong Kong, there is a confusing array of Cathay Pacific lounges to choose from. In this article, I will review the lounges that I visited and give you an idea of which one to choose.


Singapore British Airways Concorde Bar  – First class

This is only accessible if you are flying in First and whilst small and dark, I like it. It has a luxurious and exclusive feel to it. It is actually a separate area rather than just a bar, with comfortable seating and table service.

We particularly enjoyed the satay here. There are no real facilities – those are in the main BA business class lounge.

But it is a quiet place to sit and enjoy a glass or two of fizz with your satay!


Singapore T1 Qantas lounge  – business & first class

Main bar

This is currently a combined lounge with a separate area for First class, but a new First class lounge is due to open imminently. The lounge is vast and has a large bar area, showers and a dining area. There is some food to order and a small buffet selection. First class has its own reserved area for Qantas First passengers only complete with butlers! Snacks are brought round regularly and drinks are brought to order. Service was superb in this area.

First area

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Qantas A380 First Class Review – Flying the Kangaroo!

Firstly – whilst I want to thank BA for allowing us to fly this amazing product, it wasn’t without a headache! Getting rebooked on Qantas, after the strike dates were announced was a huge effort. But I’m not here to moan about BA!


Bangkok Qatar Premium lounge concourse D – business class

This lounge feels very like the London lounge but they are super fussy about dress code. I think it is a little over the top, given that it is a hot country. I was given the up and down look at check-in and given a pass for the Thai lounge ‘just in case’. Given that I was wearing a fairly smart top with leggings and smart sandals I wondered should I have worn a ballgown?

Fortunately, they let me in and it is indeed a very nice lounge. Like the other lounges, there is full table service as well as a small deli selection to choose from. There is no restaurant here, unlike London. Instead, there was a good choice of hot and cold buffet items.


Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Airlines Golden Satellite lounge – business, Business Suites and first class

You can now buy access to the main business class lounge if you are travelling on Malaysia in economy. The main draw of the business class lounge is the food. There are plenty of food stations to choose from including a laksa bar. It is a very busy and seating can be limited but the food is great!

Formal dining

If you have oneworld Emerald or are travelling in First/Business Class Suites you can use the other side of the lounge. This consists of a lounge seating area which looks very elegant but the food and drink were not very exciting. There is table service though. If you want to eat, the formal dining area is lovely with a small selection of dishes cooked to order.

You can read more about it in this review:

British Airways B787 First class review – Kuala Lumpur to London

This flight was the final leg of Roving Reporter and my jaunt around Asia using my BA Amex 2-4-1 voucher. I am writing this trip’s reviews in reverse given that a chat with Alex Cruz recently revealed that BA will be developing the B787 First seat with a few tweaks to put on other aircraft in the fleet.


Tokyo Haneda JAL First lounge 

This lounge feels light and airy for the most part due to the floor to ceiling windows that run the length of the lounge. There are massage chairs in private cubicles, a business area, showers and even a historic Red Suite which has a display of historic aviation photos and memorabilia. 

There is an extensive buffet of Japanese and Western choices as well as a chef cooking things to order. Tattinger Champagne, wine and spirits are all available even in the early morning.

You can read more about it in this review:

British Airways B777-300 First daytime flight Haneda to Heathrow review

Although we have recently reviewed BA’s B777 First product, we have not done an early morning daytime flight review in First before. I was curious to see what the offering would be with the 0850 departure time and also interested to see the Haneda JAL First lounge.


You can find out which oneworld lounges are available to you at any airport here.

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  1. Far be it for me to critique how people dress, and I, for one, am often criticised for being well-dressed so much so that my own brothers don’t like to walk around in their respective home cities New York City and San Francisco with me (!), but leggings in Asia are usually a no-no. It amazes me how often people say that they are dressed for the heat but disrespect local cultures. No personal criticism of you, but hopefully regular readers will take note.

    Having said the above, I would note that my Thai friends love their leggings. The contrarian life…! ?

    • I actually only wear leggings under a very long T-shirt or dress so not like I am exposing anything more than just above the knee. I don’t see how anyone could object to that since in Asia it would be normal to wear a dress of that length. I can understand if you wear them like trousers as they can be very revealing!

    • Totally agree with this and I have had me say below. I live in Asia and Leggings and Sandels are offencive in Muslim countries and in some you can end up in Jail.

  2. I live in Asia and Leggings are absolutely considered disrespectful. Reason being anything that pronounces the shape or contours of a female body in a Muslim country is considered offencive against islam and you should respect that Qatar is a Muslim country however Thailand is not. When you travel frequently you should read up on the local customs first. If you wear anything like that in Saudia Arabia expect to spend time in Jail !

    Incidently you mention you wear them for reasons of the heat , however in hot countries you should wear cotton or natual fibers as artificial fiber clothes such as leggings are health nightmares for woman down there ! Ask any doctor sweating in the lower areas is a short trip to the doctor ! Good luck.

    Peersonally in Asia I wear a smart cotton light suit which is reapectful , cool , and makes me look good.

    I totally agree with Dev on this one and personally anyone with Leggings should not be allowed in an Airport lounge but of course American lounges have much more relaxed policies.

    Incidently it is also offencive to reveal the toes in Sandels so you were totally dressed to offend on that day.

  3. I normally try to restrain from rising to comments but I find your comments quite disrespectful and incorrect. I was revealing no more than any international cabin crew uniform as my legs were covered by a top to my knees that in no way was clingy. If seeing my calves in leggings is disrespectful then perhaps they need to change their uniform onboard which involves a skirt! And yes of course I am aware of the need to respect customs. I was in Bangkok. It is not offensive to show toes. Only the soles of your feet. Given you have to take your shoes off to go in a temple you are obviously incorrect!

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